Facebook took action to persuade iPhone owners


Many companies, including Facebook, show personalized ads to their users. In order for these ads to show, it is necessary to follow the other online activities of the users. Apple made a privacy change late last year, requiring app developers to seek explicit consent to collect data. Facebook has previously shown clearly that it is not satisfied with this change, which makes it difficult to track ads.

The social media giant, which is preparing to sue Apple for anti-competitive action, has also launched a new advertising campaign. Trying to show how it helps small businesses in difficult times, the company aims to demonstrate the importance of allowing for ad tracking. The video released on Thursday uses the slogan “Good ideas deserve to be found”.

Before iOS 14.5, any application could collect data if the user agreed to the terms and conditions of the application. Deciding that this is not enough to protect the privacy of iPhone owners, Apple will require explicit user consent for data collection with iOS 14.5.

It is noteworthy that the video prepared by Facebook is closed to comments and the number of “dislikes” of the video is much higher than the number of likes. The high number of dislikes shows that people do not believe in Facebook’s sincerity on this issue. The social network advocates the idea that valuable ideas from small businesses can also be discovered thanks to personalized ads in the video’s description section.

Facebook has shown before that it will insist on asking for permission for ad tracking. The results of these efforts of the social media giant will be understood after the release of iOS 14.5.