Facebook to delete fake news involving origins of forest fire


The world is facing a challenging pandemic, but Brazil and the United States also need to deal with a parallel problem today.

The countries are truly on fire: here the Pantanal suffers from the biggest fires in history, devastating forest and fauna. In the USA, fires in the Oregon region have spread unprecedentedly, and as a result 28 people have died, and more than half a million are homeless.

The US state police are still investigating the reasons and believe that there was human involvement, however, social networks are flooded with fake news on the subject. Many conspiracyists, in fact, are trying to blame the fires on political groups in an attempt to incite a wave of violence against them.

Due to the harmful potential of this misinformation, Facebook spokesman Andy Stone announced that the platform is working on the elimination of posts and accounts that are linked to movements in this direction. A line of screening reaches the far-right group QAnon, which would be articulating campaigns to blame this environmental catastrophe on leftist groups.

Emergency lines for services such as the police and fire brigade, in fact, have been flooded in recent days with citizens who called to “report” people involved in these fake news, which hindered the service to other users who needed to activate the services .

It is worth remembering, with the elections coming, the potential of social networks for an articulate use in defamation campaigns is enormous. Facebook has already announced measures, but that may be insufficient for the election, and also episodes like this one in Oregon, in general.

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And you, what do you think of the Facebook movement to curb fake news involving forest fire? Tell us in the comments!


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