Facebook tips: decide who can comment on your posts


Facebook: Social networks are for sharing all kinds of things with the world. Photos, videos or thoughts are the subject of most of the posts that you can find, including advertisements of the brands that interest you. But as a content creator, when you do, you should know that it is you who decides how users interact with the content you generate and for that reason we teach you how to choose who can comment on your publications.

Put limits on the comments of your publications

Exposure to user comments on social media is constant. You just upload the content and it is the rest of your contacts who decide to react to it. As simple as that. Of course, criticism may be present although you can avoid it if you follow the following trick to decide who will comment on your Facebook post. Menlo Park have introduced this feature so that you have control of those comments.

This feature is very similar to the feature that allows you to publish content. This can only be seen only by your friends, friends of friends or free for everyone. The same will happen with comments, which you can control by clicking on the post options.

As soon as you activate the options, the menu will appear, which will have a section at the bottom that makes it very clear: Who can comment on the post? Now you will have before you three possibilities very similar to the ones we told you before with one caveat. You will have the whole world, just your friends or just those people you mention. Depending on what you choose, these profiles may place their ideas in the comments section.

A function to control users

It is a fact that there are people of all kinds on the Internet. Criticisms are the order of the day, and not all of them are “soft” and not everyone fits them equally well. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that regular content creators and other users can receive them at any time, but this novelty from Facebook will at least help to show their content without the risk of finding negative or negative comments in the comments. hurtful.


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