Facebook threatens to block news sharing in Australia


The Australian division of Facebook is threatening to prevent the sharing and viewing of news on the social network by the local population if legislation currently being debated is passed.

The statement came in a letter published by the manager of Facebook in the regional division of Australia and New Zealand, Will Easton. “Assuming the bill becomes a law, we will reluctantly stop allowing people and publishers in Australia to share local and international news on Facebook and Instagram. This is not our first choice – it is our last. But this is the only one way to protest against a result that defies logic and will hurt, not help, the long-term balance between the media and news sector in Australia, “says the statement.

Facebook also points out that it also supports journalistic organizations, especially regional newspapers, and has already made several voluntary investments. However, forcing the social network to make payments is considered “counterproductive”.

Remember the case

The Australian government is currently debating over a bill that could compel Google and Facebook to pay a fee for “using” local news – that is, for users to share and the platform to view such content.

Google was also opposed to the decision and has already launched an open letter on the homepage of the search engine in the country to alert the population and show their point of view.

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