Facebook threatens to ban social media news in Canada


The social network Facebook is threatening to remove the display of journalistic content on the platform for users in Canada. The reason is the controversy over new legislation in the country that would force the company to pay media companies to encourage the production of local content.

According to the Android Central website, legislation in the country regarding charging is in the initial process of debate and has not been well received by Facebook – in a case very similar to that in Australia.

Canadian Minister Steven Guilbeault said he did in fact rely on the Australian case to “force” the giants to set up payments to release the publication on the platforms.

Remember the case

In the country of Oceania, Facebook even removed journalistic content from the platform until an agreement was reached. In February 2021, the company resumed exhibiting after agreeing to help some editors chosen by themselves, in addition to escaping the “government arbitration” process suggested by parliamentarians.

Google is another company in the industry that is likely to face similar debates in Canada. In Brazil, investigations by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) on the subject have also begun.


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