Facebook thinks a Fallout 76 role-playing group is a militia


The North American giant has mistaken it for a real militia, but it is a group that is dedicated to role-playing.

Fallout 76 has filled the news with outrageous headlines. The announcement of Fallout First, the video game’s premium service, led less privileged players to go to war with those who paid to gain a certain advantage. A figurative and joking war, but one that set the targets on the heads of those who were considered “the aristocrats” in the post-nuclear world of Bethesda. Now the news focuses on a Facebook group known as the Free States Militia. No, it is not a support group for paramilitary forces, but a space where some Fallout 76 fans play a role … of course from Facebook they have understood something different.

The social network has mistakenly deleted it, believing that it was a militarized squad. “We have expanded new policies to encompass organizations and movements that have demonstrated significant risks to public safety, including QAnon, militias in the United States or anarchist groups that support violence in protest acts.” It appears that the Free States Militia has also been in that group, as the organizer of the group has discovered.

AI confusion

“After restarting my phone with no luck, it has become clear that my account has been deactivated,” the creator told PCGamesN. “I have tried to contact the other leaders of the group and found that I could not look for them. In the end we got in touch through a PSN message and discovered that our Facebook accounts have been deleted, as has the Free States Militia game page.

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A Facebook representative has apologized and suggested on Kotaku that the error was due to artificial intelligence tracking the social network automatically. “We have both an AI that detects these groups and 15,000 workers who review, but occasionally they are deleted by mistake. If we detect that a group is connected to a dangerous organization, we may delete the group and deactivate the associated profiles. “


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