Facebook, The Most Untrusted Social Media Platform


According to the results of the ‘US Digital Trust Study’ conducted by Insider Intelligence, Facebook became the most untrustworthy social media platform. The two most reliable platforms are LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Insider Intelligence recently shared the results of the US Digital Trust Survey covering the United States for 2020. In the research conducted by the research company, Faceobok LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit and Instagram were ranked according to the trust of users.

Insider Intelligence said the results he shared were based on the responses of 1,865 participants, ages 18-74, between May 2018 and July 3. The research yielded results in 5 categories: security, legality, community, advertising experience and ad compliance.

Facebook became the most untrustworthy platform:

The results of the security category shared by Insider Intelligence were pretty bad for Facebook. Facebook, which suffered a great blow after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, was the least trusted platform among the top 9 social media giants according to the published survey results.

Approximately 32% of the 1,865 respondents surveyed stated that they do not agree that Facebook is protecting their privacy and data. On the other hand, 53% of the users said they trust Facebook in this regard, while 16% were neutral on this issue. According to the answers given by users on the same issue, the ranking of social media platforms was as follows:

LinkedIn (73% agree)
Pinterest (64% agree)
YouTube (63% agree)
Instagram (63% agree)
Snapchat (62% agree)
Reddit (61% agree)
Twitter (60% agree)
TikTok (57% agreed)
Facebook (53% agree)

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Privacy is sought on the platform before interacting with the ad:

In another part of the study, the answer to the question of what affects the decision of the users the most when interacting with the advertisement on a social media platform was given. Accordingly, the most important thing that users consider before interacting with an ad on a platform is whether the platform protects their privacy and data.


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