Facebook Tests Virtual Reality Ads With Oculus


Facebook: With the promise of expanding monetization models aimed at developers, Facebook announced last Wednesday (16) that it will begin testing the placement of advertisements in virtual reality environments on the Oculus platform. Initially, the approach will take place in a single game, Resolution Games’ Blaston.

According to the giant, the movement ensures the maintenance of a self-sustainable tool, capable of covering different businesses and unlocking new types of content and audience.

“It also helps us continue to make innovative hardware more accessible to more people,” he adds, noting that, after feedback, he will provide details about the solution’s availability to a wider audience.

Configurations aimed at customizing the user experience are planned for the novelty, which can mute, hide or display pieces, as well as request information about the reasons for receiving materials.

As for privacy, big tech stresses that it will not use any data stored on Oculus, including images captured by the cameras. In addition, at first, there are no plans to use locations.

industrial innovation

In recent years, the company has devoted billions of dollars to establishing the accessory, and the move seems to indicate that it is confident that the successful adoption allows for more aggressive action to recoup the investment.

“A more profitable content ecosystem is a critical step on the way to making consumer virtual reality really popular, and that’s something we think it’s worth celebrating,” defends Facebook.

“This is an innovation in the advertising industry, and it’s in its infancy. We’re currently investing in discrete ads as a new way for developers to build business – and while we’re not yet ready to test them, we’re also exploring new formats unique to modality”, indicates, suggesting that there is more on the way.


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