Facebook Tests a Feature That Shows Wikipedia Cards Like Google in Search Results


Facebook, one of the world’s leading social media platforms, is testing a new feature that you can access on Wikipedia flashcards from the search engine within the app. The new feature is very similar to flashcards in Google search results.

In June of last year, Facebook, which has decided to restrict the search feature that allows users to access countless information such as contact names, places and photos using certain keywords, is preparing to take another step in the search section.

According to the information provided by TechCrunch, the US-based social media giant is testing a new tool that shows Wikipedia flashcards when you search for something from the search bar in the app. Search results will appear on the right side of the panel, so users won’t have to switch to a new tab to view this information.

When you call someone on Facebook, you can also access the Wikipedia page at the same time.

For example; As you can see in the screenshot above, when you search for US President Donald Trump in the search bar, there is a Wikipedia info card about him on the right side of the screen. In the middle section, there are current articles related to Trump.

Facebook wants to increase the time users spend on the platform with the integration of Wikipedia. Has the social media giant, which has become a frequent destination for middle-aged people rather than young people, let’s see what it expects from the new search feature?

Facebook confirmed that the feature has been tested but did not say when it will be available

Meanwhile, Facebook has confirmed that the new tool has been tested on mobile and desktop versions and the iOS app, but it hasn’t given a precise date when it will be available to the public. However, we anticipate that we will not wait too long for this feature.

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