Facebook takes action for anti-vaccine posts


While coronavirus vaccines continue to be applied all over the world, the existence of information that will cause disinformation threatens the process. Social media giant Facebook, which wants to take action on this issue on its own platform, will remove posts claiming that vaccines cause disorders such as autism.

Facebook to ban anti-vaccine posts

Facebook has decided to remove false claims about the coronavirus vaccine and other vaccines from their platforms. The company first started removing posts containing false information in December of last year and notifying customers who were interacting with incorrect shipments that same month. It also expanded the list of claims that could lead to the removal of a post.

Accordingly, looking at the newly expanded list of fake coronavirus claims, the striking information is: Vaccines were not effective in preventing the disease. It is safer to catch a disease than to get a vaccine. Vaccines are dangerous, toxic or cause autism.

Facebook has stated that it will immediately launch this policy by focusing on groups, pages and accounts that share content in line with the information in the list of newly disproved claims. The company also underlined that if the allegations are repeated, it will also think that the resources sharing the post will be completely removed from the platforms.

In addition to these policy changes, Facebook is also making adjustments to how real coronavirus information will be presented on Facebook and Instagram. The company will first offer links to vaccine information in this direction. In addition, it will filter the vaccine in a way that the deterrent shares are less displayed in the search results.


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