Facebook Starts Testing New App Discover


Facebook has started testing its new application, Discover, in Peru, which will open up websites using free data traffic. The new app is aimed at keeping people on the internet until they get paid data.

Facebook Connectivity, together with its partners Bitel, Claro, Entel and Movistar, announced that they have begun testing the new product Discover, built on the Free Basics initiative, in Peru. In the announcement by Facebook, it was emphasized that Discover was developed in order to support being able to connect to the internet by listening to the feedback and advice they received from non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders such as the World Wide Web Foundation while the work on the Free Basics initiative is ongoing.

Discover stands out as a mobile internet and Andorid application that will be used to open any website by evaluating daily free data usage with the participation of mobile operators. Of course, this application has some limits.

Discover will support low bandwidth in free data:
In order to create a sustainable program with mobile operator partners, Discover will only support low bandwidth traffic when it will use free data. Video, audio or other heavy traffic will not be supported when using free data. All websites will be treated equally.

Facebook Connectivity has also announced that it will continue to work with partners to address barriers to being able to connect to the internet. Setting out to tackle challenges such as cost, availability, and lack of infrastructure, Discover is just one part of broader connectivity efforts.

With Discover, Facebook is looking for a way for users to stay on the Internet more permanently. Users around the world are often left without internet because they cannot adjust their data usage well. By filling this gap, Discover aims to keep people connected to the internet until they buy data again. Facebook is also evaluating how Discover can help users expand regular data usage and support internet usage.

Facebook emphasized the importance of researching ways to keep people connected to the internet, especially during the coronavirus epidemic, and pointed out the importance of accessing health information and other resources over the internet. On the Discover homepage, health resources related to coronavirus are highlighted in this context.


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