Facebook Shared Suggestions for the Management of Race and Social Problem Discussions in Groups


Social media giant Facebook has made suggestions for the management of racist and social problem discussions that have occurred in communities in recent days. The company shared some recommendations that managers should follow.

The murder of a citizen named George Floyd by the police in the United States in the past few days has garnered great reactions both in the USA and in the world. In the US and in many countries around the world, people continue to react by organizing anti-racist protests.

When the incident in the USA was the last glass of racism, many companies took new measures and advised people to block racist sharing and react to racism on their platforms. A company that gave advice on what to do against racism was Facebook.

Suggestions for the management of discussions from Facebook:

Social media giant Facebook has made some suggestions to people who are managers of a community on the platform, explaining how to manage their community against racist and social problems. The platform also suggested some of Facebook’s tools in use to administrators.

The suggestions that Facebook offers to managers start with the fact that, as an administrator, you should care about the topic of discussion, as well as any topic, before ending any discussion. The company also wants you to research to determine how your community should approach discussions about race and social problems.

Another recommendation from Facebook was that the directors of your community are made up of various people. The company stated that someone in one of the ‘affected communities’ should be in the executive group. In this way, he underlined that your community can consist of a wider audience.

The company pointed out that you should prepare the rules to be considered in your community with your management team among the suggestions it offers. Accordingly, rules should be set for events such as what posts to approve in your community, how discussions should take shape, and which members should be removed from the community in what situations.


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