Facebook restores news in Australia after government deal


Less than a week after deciding to block sharing and publishing news on its social network in Australia, Facebook reached an agreement on Monday (22) with the country’s government, which exempted the company from having to go through a government arbitration process. With that, the news will return to Facebook Australia pages in the coming days.

After an intense discussion that lasted more than 11 hours, Facebook’s head of global news partnerships, Campbell Brown, released a press release, stating: “We have reached an agreement that will allow us to support the publishers we choose, including small publishers local ”.

Therefore, the big issue remains, the payment to the editors for the news. With the agreement, the American giant will make the payment, but without the forced arbitration of the Australian government. “The government clarified that we will maintain the ability to decide whether the news appears on Facebook so that we are not automatically subject to forced negotiation,” concluded the executive.

Australian law wants to remunerate news publishers

The controversy over the payment of remuneration to news editors has been dragging on for months between the social network, the Australian government and tycoon Rupert Murdoch, whose company dominates the local news industry. The News Media Trading Code would require large companies, such as Facebook and Google, to pay news publishers for their content.

Among the proposed amendments to the new legislation is the insertion of a two-month period for mediation between news publishers and technology platforms. The idea is that the main actors could negotiate agreements with each other, without the government being obliged to intervene through binding arbitration.

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The form of remuneration for Australian news publishers is being seen as a beacon for new global legislation to regulate the media industries within social networks.


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