Facebook Responds To New Accusations That It’s Bad For Users


Facebook: A new article in the newspaper, part of the series “The Facebook Files”, found in leaked company files a survey stating that one in eight users feel that the “compulsive use” of the platform generates negative behaviors and impacts on sleep, work, coexistence with children or relationships in general.

This means that around 360 million users are aware of the effects, while the company would not take much action to control them. Furthermore, it is suggested that Facebook causes more negative effects than other platforms.

What does the defense say

The company’s defense is written by Meta Research Vice President Pratiti Raychoudhury. According to the executive, “problematic use” does not mean addiction and the brand is always seeking to understand the problem and try to control the intense use of services.

In addition, the surveys have been carried out for about a decade and have even generated wellness tools over the years. Facebook also reports that the documents found are from May 2019, which would only reinforce how much the company is concerned with mitigating these effects. Finally, the company claims that the challenge of is general throughout the industry and, even in this scenario, Meta stands out in this fight.

“The Wall Street Journal has again selectively selected internal company documents to present a narrative that is simply wrong about how we use research to address an important issue. (…) Our company has been engaged and supportive in multilayered efforts to improve. understand and empower people who use our services to manage problematic usage,” the statement said.

Hard phase

The current allegations involve accusations that Facebook has failed to control dangerous content in certain countries, prioritized posts with ‘anger’ reactions and does not properly handle the use of the brand’s services by young people. They were encouraged by a former company executive, Frances Haugen, who has even testified in the US Congress on the case.

Soon after, came another series of collaborative articles between various newspapers around the world: the Facebook Papers, which brought other revelations about the harmful effects of the platform.