Facebook Renames: No Longer a “Social Media” Company


Facebook: One of the technology giants, Facebook has been changing its company name from ‘Facebook’ for years to show that it is not just a social media platform and lays a solid foundation for the next generation technology. Facebook, which has been on the agenda for the security vulnerabilities on the platform for a long time, has started to accelerate its plans, which turned out to be about changing the name in the last few years. The company, which does not want to be known as just a social media platform and wants to get rid of the negative effects of the scandals on the platform, will soon change its name to one that has been kept a secret for now.

The first details of the name change in question are expected to emerge at the conference with the name Connect, which the company plans to hold on October 28. However, according to the news in The Verge, the name change may occur at an earlier date.

With this change, Facebook will also highlight its new services.

Facebook is not the first company to decide to change its name after reaching a certain place as a company. If you remember, Google merged all its services under the roof of Alphabet in 2015 and became a single umbrella company, and Snapchat, which reintroduced itself as an eyewear brand, changed its name to Snapchat Inc. had changed.

One of the biggest reasons behind this name change planned by Facebook is that the company no longer wants to be associated only with Facebook, the social media platform. The company, which will renew its brand identity, will thus highlight its services such as Oculus, Instagram and Whatsapp at least as much as Facebook.

Metaverse is one of Facebook’s top name changes

Facebook has recently announced that it will hire 10,000 people from European Union member countries to develop and build the “metaverse” (fictional universe), the virtual reality version of the internet, which it sees as the “future” of technology. As a matter of fact, Facebook did not mention that the metaverse would trigger such a big change for the company during this announcement, but it seems that we will encounter many explanations and developments regarding the metaverse on the Facebook wing in the coming period.

As we mentioned before, the new name that the company will adopt is kept a secret. It is said that even Facebook’s top executives do not know the new name. The new name will of course be announced by the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The new name of the company, which we have been accustomed to as Facebook since 2004, the year Facebook was founded, was a matter of great curiosity.


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