Facebook Removes Accounts and Pages of Anti-Vaccine Influencers


Facebook removed more than 36 pages related to anti-vaccination people and groups that are considered the most influential sources for this type of content.

The revelation came in a post on the social network that defends the platform’s practices in relation to the control of posts that violate community guidelines, as is the case of propaganda against covid-19’s immunization. The names were not detailed by the platform

The Facebook publication is a response to a study by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), an organization that found 12 people who are responsible for the original production of most anti-vaccine content on English pages — but which end up being replicated and eventually translated for other languages.

nipping in the bud

According to the social network, 12 of the groups, profiles or pages removed from both Facebook and Instagram are directly linked to these people, while another 24 accounts were “penalized”, meaning that they had their reach reduced without going down.

Facebook also emphasizes that the contents of these sources do not represent a significant portion of posts about covid-19 vaccines in the world. In other words, publications encouraging and celebrating immunization are an absolute majority in relation to conspiracy theories about 5G, chip implementation, among other narratives.

However, the network rejects criticism leveled by the CCDH — and even the White House — about not taking sufficient action against anti-vaccine groups or not holding those 12 individuals accountable. Facebook claims to have removed 3,000 accounts, groups or pages and deleted 20 million posts on the subject since the start of the pandemic, including a Russian organization that acted in Brazil. Furthermore, the network believes that focusing only on a few elements makes many others continue to act freely.


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