Facebook removed the video shared by Donald Trump


Even though the lines were tense between US President Donald Trump and Twitter, Facebook was more lenient towards Trump. However, Facebook seems to have drawn the line of this soft attitude with the coronavirus.

The social network has removed a video shared from Trump’s account on the grounds that it contains false information about COVID-19. In a video from Trump’s interview with Fox News, Trump makes a false claim that children are “almost completely immune” to the coronavirus.

The statement made by Facebook to NBC News regarding the issue is as follows: “A false claim is made in the video that a group of people are immune to COVID-19. This violates our policies for harmful misinformation about COVID-19. ”

That’s why Facebook removed one of Donald Trump’s posts for the first time. The social network had previously removed Trump’s election campaign ads on grounds of violating “organized hate” rules.

Facebook was occasionally criticized for its attitude towards Donald Trump and his posts. These criticisms were reinforced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s comments about the tension between Twitter and Trump. However, when it comes to the coronavirus, it is also known that Zuckerberg has a tougher attitude towards the Trump administration. Facebook CEO had described “disappointment” for the US fight against coronavirus.

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