Facebook Releases Nostalgic Collage App E.gg for iOS


Facebook’s experimental app development team has announced a new collage app. The application named E.gg allows you to create content with nostalgic textures that is not obsessed with likes and comments.

Facebook’s New Product Trial (NPE) team, which has also signed under applications such as Collab, Catch Up and Tuned, has released a new nostalgic collage application for iOS users. The application named “E.gg” enables users to create more retro-looking content instead of modern, symmetrical collages.

The developers were inspired by the early days of the internet while developing the app, allowing users to create a visually rich ‘canvas’ with nostalgic textures using images, GIFs, shapes and text. The app generates a unique URL for each collage created, and users can view the collage through the browser, even if they don’t have the app.

One of the best things about the “E.gg” application is that users create posts just to show off “nice” content. Because “E.gg” does not have a feature such as the number of likes or comments. Therefore, the images created are not competed with each other according to the number of likes.

The biggest problem with “E.gg” is that it is only accessible to iPhone users in the US yet. There is no information about whether the application will be published globally or whether the Android version will come. However, if you want to browse “E.gg” content, you can visit the “E.gg” website regardless of which country you are in.

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