Facebook relaxed the rules and allowed fake news to run


While Twitter tightens its grip on disinformation and changes a series of rules, Facebook seems to be doing the opposite way. According to information revealed by NBC News, the social network let conservative pages post fake news for fear of criticism from the segment.

As hard as it has strict rules, officials say they have been instructed by Facebook’s management to allow certain posts not to be taken down. The leaked documents were delivered to the press in the USA:

Facebook relaxed its rules for conservative pages linked to President Trump. Breitbart, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, ex-Fox News personalities and commentator Charlie Kirk were not punished for posts that clearly violated social media rules.

In some cases, fact-checking agencies even alerted Facebook about the problematic posts, but the social network ended up ignoring the warning for fear of defamation by conservatives. The situation appears to have worsened after public criticism from President Trump:

Employees believe that the company has become hypersensitive to conservative complaints […] on certain occasions by making special allowances for pages to avoid negative publicity.

An example cited by officials shows that a page was even punished for spreading misinformation, but a “Facebook leader” intervened and asked the teams to remove the penalties.

Commenting on the matter, a Facebook spokesman did not dispute the veracity of the leaked documents, nor did he challenge the employees’ report. He just claimed that the information does not show the full context.

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