Facebook is refreshing for Android users


The Facebook application on Android has seen various changes over the years. The company continues to bring new updates to the user interface to make the application a little more streamlined. According to XDA-Developers, the social media giant now wants to facilitate one-handed use of the Facebook application for Android users. For Android users, Facebook will improve its interface with sub-tabs that it adds to the app.

Updating Facebook for Android users
Although this change implemented by Facebook for the user interface is not a complete revision, the changes offer useful features. Facebook did not make an official statement regarding the issue. However, many users started talking about this on Reddit. The most obvious change was the displacement of the tabs.

The update is still in the testing phase
The fact that six tabs were at the top of the application made it difficult to use the application with one hand. However, some users mentioned that the change they noticed on their Android device soon restored. This means that Facebook is still testing the new UI. Some users continue to use the new interface, so the new update will be available on Android devices soon.

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