Facebook redesign images and remove total likes


Facebook is preparing a series of novelties scheduled for launch in the coming weeks, modifying the look of the pages on the social network. In addition to a simpler and more intuitive layout, the company announced on Wednesday (6) that it will remove the total likes from the pages.

With the exclusion of likes, the platform’s intention is to value the number of followers, which will continue to be displayed normally, to “simplify the way people connect with their favorite pages”. Thus, it will be easier to measure the number of users reached by the publications.

According to the company, information regarding the number of followers is a more useful tool to offer public figures a better understanding of how large their fan base is. It is worth noting that the publications will not be affected by the change, continuing to display the count of likes and reactions as is already happening today.

The reformulation will also include a greater emphasis on the biography of the pages and the publications available on each of them, in addition to allowing the user to switch between his personal profile and the page administered by him, if applicable, in a simpler and faster way .

More news

In the list of updates that will be launched by the social network, soon, there is also a news feed dedicated to administrators, through which they can follow trends, interact with colleagues, promote actions of engagement with fans and participate in conversations.

The platform will also offer new and improved page management controls and the possibility to create more interactive and rich question and answer topics, in addition to highlighting comments from verified profiles and public figures.

Facebook also says it is working on a new tool to detect unauthorized activities, such as hate speech, spam and violent content, increasing the security and integrity of users.


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