Facebook Protect Arrives In Brazil To Protect Vulnerable Groups


Facebook Protect: Meta announced the arrival in Brazil, this Thursday (2), of a security feature for people susceptible to hacker attacks: Facebook Protect. Designed, according to the platform, for “human rights defenders, journalists and government officials”, the tool provides more effective protections for accounts, such as two-step authentication and monitoring of potential threats of invasion.

Initially tested in the US in 2018, and expanded with a view to the 2020 elections, Facebook Protect is now being taken to other parts of the world. From a total of 1.5 million accounts integrated in the program, almost 950,000 have already joined the two-stage authentication process, which they did not have before. The initiative’s success encouraged Meta staff to expand the program to 50 new countries by the end of the year.

In Brazil, the resource arrives just in time to capture the effervescence of the beginning of public debates that precede next year’s electoral process. According to Meta, groups eligible for Facebook Protect are at the center of key communities essential for holding democratic elections.

What should I do to use Facebook Protect?

While no action is required unless you receive a notification from Facebook that your account is eligible for registration, some security actions, such as two-step authentication, can be activated by anyone, even those not classified as “under threat” to add a significant layer of security.

To encourage the most resistant groups to move to the new security standards, Facebook Protect introduced a series of innovations to make activating and using two-step authentication “as simple as possible for these groups of people”. The idea is that any users, but especially those in the target audience, receive a better experience and support from the platform.