Facebook prevents Signal From Creating Ad That Shows Data Collection


Facebook: Focused on privacy, the messenger Signal detailed last Tuesday (4) how he tried to provoke Facebook and show some truths to users – until he was discovered and punished by the platform.

The platform bought space as an advertiser on Instagram using traditional methods and, instead of promoting the application itself, the screen displayed a special text: the characteristics listed in the settings that indicate who is the personalized target of advertising.

“You received this ad because you are a newlywed pilates instructor, crazy about drawings. This ad used your location to see that you are in La Jolla. You enjoy accessing parenting blogs and are considering adoption by LGBTQ people,” said one of the ads.

The idea of ​​Signal is to show that, by gathering a series of segmented and apparently disconnected information, such as sign, liked pages and relationship status, it is possible to set up entire profiles that can be frighteningly similar to a person’s online habits – in addition to showing how the social network actually knows a lot about you, even if the person thinks they’re in a more private setting.

However, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network doesn’t seem to like the idea very much. According to a post on Signal’s blog, the company rejected the acquisition and even banned the app’s advertiser account.


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