Facebook Pays Musicians To Try To ‘Steal’ Clubhouse Users


Facebook: After changing its name, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network appears to be committed to regaining the audience of young users, who left Facebook for other platforms. In that sense, Meta is starting to spend that billion dollars promised by its CEO to content creators by the end of 2022.

The first recipients of that money are musicians and celebrities, who can receive up to US$50,000 (R$278,000) to promote lives on the new live audio feature Facebook Live Audio Rooms, which came to compete with the now tepid audio app Clubhouse. More than conquering creators, Facebook has its eye on the thousands of young followers of these artists and influencers.

What are Facebook’s biggest competitors?

The campaign, released by The Verge website this Friday (19), had as its source two people with direct knowledge of the disclosure. According to these insiders, Meta’s own production companies have been working tirelessly for Facebook in recent weeks, offering generous payment packages for music-related artists and social media stars to use the platform’s audio rooms.

Depending on the number of sessions agreed, the value of these packages can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. For creators with a large audience, the payments proposed by the Menlo Park company are greater than what they receive from the Payments program, created in April by the Clubhouse for users to directly remunerate their favorite creator.

Facebook’s bet to regain its younger audience appears to be the live audio sector, a market that is now disputed by several startups and technology companies. In addition to the Clubhouse, Meta is targeting Discord’s Stage Channels, Twitter Spaces, as well as the Greenrooms of streaming giant Spotify.