Facebook Paints Wall in SP to Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month


Facebook: To celebrate LGBTQI+ Pride Month, Facebook will carry out an action in Minhocão, one of the most famous addresses in São Paulo. One of the buildings on the road will be painted in the colors of the movement’s flag. Simultaneously, a live with performances by artists Gloria Groove, Majur and Pabllo Vittar will be broadcast on Facebook at 4pm.

In order for the flag to be completely painted, users must comment with the hashtag #TogetherWithOrgulho during the broadcast. As you reach engagement milestones, the flag will gain more colors. The presentation of the celebration will be in the hands of Vitor diCastro, owner of the Deboche Astral channel. Gabriela Loran and ex-BBB 21 João Pedrosa will also participate.

In addition, from June 5th to 28th, testimonials from members of Facebook Groups such as “Sons of the Rainbow”, “Queer Studies” and “Proud LGBTQI+” will be shown in the projection. of couples and demonstrations of supporters.

celebration at home

Users who comment on “I Want to Help” on the live will also be able to learn about the social network’s support initiatives to train, support and give visibility to entrepreneurs in the LGBTQIA+ community.

“We know that, for the second year in a row, people won’t be able to take to the streets – and that’s why we decided to mobilize to provide a different, but no less meaningful, form of celebration. Bringing Facebook Groups and the community together to help color In the city, we want to contribute to fostering and fueling the spirit of pride through the power of the collective”, says Bernnardo Bonnard, Consumer Marketing leader at Facebook in Brazil.

To watch, simply access the Facebook App Page and follow the schedule from 4pm this Saturday, June 5th.


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