Facebook Officially Accuses Apple of Blocking Competition


Social media giant Facebook accused the company of acting in a way that prevents competition in its application against Apple to EU authorities.

Lately, we got used to the giant companies accusing each other frequently. Facebook, on the other hand, complained to the European Union Commission, accusing the American technology giant of acting in a way that prevents competition.

Facebook, acting in accordance with the Digital Services Act (DSA), told the European Commission that the App Store is the only area where developers can access Apple users, and the company uses this situation to highlight its own services.

Game example from Facebook

Apple cited Facebook Gaming, its own gaming application, as an example of its claims. Apple did not approve of Facebook’s application until the ability to play cloud-based games through the application was removed.

Facebook, which is the most important source of income, also brought up Apple’s ability to track users’ in-app advertisements while discussing how correct it is for platforms to be subject to such restrictions.

The social media giant, in its application, stated that Facebook is an application developer that develops products for all major smartphone operating systems. The company stated that similar to other developers on the Apple platform, it faced difficulties in areas such as application policies, ads, in-app payments, game applications, input tools.

Apple faces payment method crisis once again

Facebook stated that a significant part of Apple’s revenue consists of the commissions of store purchases made on the mobile operating system. Stating that other developers were largely blocked from accessing games outside of the App Store, the company explained that Apple forced customers to shop from them or their services.

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The social media giant also stated that it has reservations in favor of policy changes and that the developers’ capacity to compete with the platform has been seriously damaged due to the regulations.

Apple has recently had problems with payment methods for games such as Fortnite. The result of these discussions seems to have the potential to completely change the functioning of the mobile app market.


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