Facebook offers platform to amateur rappers with BARS

The NPE team, which develops experimental applications within Facebook, prepared a new application called BARS. BARS, a platform similar to TikTok, appeals to a more niche user base. The platform aims to reach amateur rappers. With BARS, users can use different tools to prepare a rap song and share it with others.

In the description section of the application, it is stated that BARS gives people the opportunity to create a high quality rap song in fun and useful ways. The NPE team also points out that the app does not require any experience of making a rap song.

Both sound and video effects are available in BARS. Thus, users can benefit from the application to record a clip for the song they have made. BARS also has a dictionary that helps users find their best rhymes.

With the “Challenge Mode” in BARS, users are provided with the opportunity to make free style rap, and a game dimension is added to the experience. It is also worth mentioning that the length of the videos prepared in BARS cannot exceed 1 minute. The videos prepared can be saved to the camera roll of the phone and shared on other platforms.

Facebook is conducting a closed beta for BARS in the first place. However, iPhone owners can download the application and add their names to the waiting list and reserve their usernames. It remains unclear how such a “niche” application will perform against TikTok and its derivative competitors.

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