Facebook Messenger Turns 10 Years Old and Gains New Features


Facebook: This Wednesday (25), Messenger announced a list of news to celebrate the service’s 10th anniversary month. Features include the option to share contacts, a new group chat game, birthday themes and stickers, emoji and phrase pairing by “Word Effects” and gifts through Facebook Pay.

The company says that some news will be available from today, but did not go into details. It is noteworthy that Facebook also recently confirmed that it will bring voice and video calls to the main social networking app, ending Messenger exclusivity.

Poll games

The initiative allows the creation of customizable polls in groups to find out what participants think about specific people. You can ask questions such as: who is “most likely to give presents on their own birthday?” or “most likely to fight zombies while everyone else flees?” The option will be in the “Polls” submenu, located in the four little dots in the corner bottom left of the chat interface.

Birthday Girl Aesthetics

To commemorate the occasion, the service launched the “10 Years of Messenger” sticker pack, a new 360° background with balloons, an augmented reality effect for blowing candles and a chat theme, as well as a new emoji with sound and message effect.

Sharing contacts

With the new tool, the user can send specific contacts via messages. To access the news, choose the person you want to share, access the chat settings and click “Share contact”.

“Word Effects”

This option, which will be available soon, manages to join words and emojis, creating a unique effect when they are mentioned in specific conversations. You can set, for example, the cake or confetti emoji to appear whenever the phrase “Happy Birthday” is written — more information will be released when the feature is launched.

Gifts through Facebook Pay

Exclusive to Messenger in the United States, the function offers the possibility to give and receive cash gifts through Facebook Pay. When a friend sends the amount for your birthday, a notification will appear and, after confirming the data, the money will be deposited into the registered bank account.

To send the gift, go to the Facebook app and click the button that appears next to birthday posts.

“From countless conversations, video calls and audio messages to sharing GIFs, emojis or stickers, our purpose remains the same: to help people stay close to those who matter to them,” according to the company in a note.


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