Facebook Messenger Test Function To Split Payments


Facebook Messenger: The bar bill became more expensive than you imagined and the solution is to share the value with friends? Soon, cracking the account via Facebook Messenger will be possible, using the new function that the messaging app introduced last Friday (3) and will start testing from this week.

Starting in the United States, Messenger’s split account feature is integrated into the service’s chats, making it possible to split the price of lunch, birthday party, movie tickets, rent and whatever else you want. The supermarket bill, the ticket and the Christmas present are other payments that can be shared with more people through the app.

Called “Split Payments”, it can be found in both group chats and the messenger payment center and has no fees, according to Meta. Just tap the “Start” button and provide the necessary information to divide the value.

Working in an integrated way with Facebook Pay, Messenger’s account split tool offers the options of splitting the amounts evenly among friends or selecting a specific amount for each one of the participants. The kitty organizer can even insert a personalized message to users describing the payment.

Augmented reality effects

In addition to the kitty function, which is not yet expected to reach other countries, for now, Facebook Messenger has gained new augmented reality features for group calls. The effects were developed in partnership with four content creators and will also be available on Instagram.

With them, it is possible to simulate images recorded with the old VHS cameras and add virtual elements in the videoconference by shaking your head, among other effects. The news joins the recently released soundmojis inspired by the Stranger Things series and a music video by singer Taylor Swift.