Facebook Messenger launches experimental app for Apple Watch


This Tuesday (14), Facebook launched a new Messenger app for the Apple Watch. Provided on an experimental basis, it is specifically focused on the contacts closest to the user of the smart watch, functioning differently from the most complete version of the service that already existed.

Called Keep in Touch, or simply Kit, the application works by scanning a QR Code shown on Apple’s smartwatch, which makes it possible to link it to your social network account. Then, the user must choose the contact in Messenger with whom he wants to communicate through the new tool.

The Kit app allows you to send messages in different ways with just one touch on the watch’s screen, either by voice recording, using the dictation feature to translate speech into text or the device’s scribble function. It is also possible to share emojis and your current location, with all messages sent by Facebook Messenger itself and not by iMessage or SMS.

The new application for Apple Watch also allows you to receive and respond to notifications sent by contacts chosen for you, without the need to use the iPhone. It runs only on the watch, not requiring the installation of a complementary version on the phone.

Created by the internal research and development group of Facebook (NPE Team), the Kit app for Apple Watch is available for download on the App Store in some regions for free and on a trial basis.

Like other tools created by Facebook’s NPE Team, it is unknown whether the app will have a final version released to the general public. This division of the company is known for testing new concepts with a small portion of users before they are finally available, depending on the feedback received.

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