Facebook, Messenger for business in app


Facebook recently launched a new small business solution that integrates three company applications into one system. Called Facebook Business Suite, the tool allows you to control Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in just one interface.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, the purpose of the tool is to make life easier for those who own a business and operate in the three applications. Facebook Business Suite has a joint notification box and allows you to easily receive alerts and respond to messages or comments on any of the platforms.

In addition to integrating notifications and messages, the solution allows you to easily post to Facebook and Instagram. According to those responsible for the technology, the goal is to expand the reach of the product in the future and also integrate WhatsApp into the interface.

The app also comes with analytical tools, which can be useful for entrepreneurs to map growth and find opportunities. Facebook classified the novelty as a “long-term investment” and aimed at keeping Facebook and Instagram accessible to businesses of different types and sizes.

The application has a desktop version and can also be used on smartphones. The desktop edition will be offered through the Facebook for Business website, while the mobile interface will be available in the Page Management app, for Android and iOS.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, the program will initially be released for small businesses, but will become a standard for managing companies within social networking applications. The use of the novelty is available globally starting today and will be expanded until next year.

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The company has also announced that it will bring deep integrations between Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp to end consumers. Mark Zuckerberg’s company has even started to unify messaging for applications, but the idea raises concerns for antitrust agencies.


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