Facebook may not allow news sharing in Australia


Facebook users in Australia may soon lose their ability to post news on the social network. In the statement made by Facebook, it was stated that users will be deprived of this opportunity if the draft law prepared by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is accepted.

The draft law requires Facebook and other companies to pay news organizations for content shared on their platforms. The social network argued that news content is not a significant source of income, and stated that the draft law ignores the financial value provided to publishers.

In previous statements made by Facebook, hints were given that if the law is passed, Australian users may not be allowed to share news content on the platform. The social media giant has made this intention clear with its latest statement. This decision is expected to include the content of international media organizations and also apply to Instagram.

In Facebook’s statement, it was stated that alternative suggestions such as bringing Facebook News service to Australia were ignored. The company emphasized that it is not possible for a company to continue its activities with the law proposal.

Facebook isn’t the only big tech company bothered by the bill in Australia. Google also opposes the bill. The internet giant has previously disabled some features in some European countries to avoid paying publishers.

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