Facebook makes it easy to delete old posts from the social network


Facebook introduced a new tool to delete old posts from the social network. Aware that the personality of people is constantly changing, the platform will allow you to delete or archive publications more quickly.

Named “Manage Activity” (“Manage Activity”, originally), the tool allows you to delete or archive old publications that do not match your current condition or personality. “We want to make it easier to manage your Facebook presence so that it more accurately reflects what you are today,” said the company in the ad text.

Deleting and archiving your own profile publications is nothing new on the social network, the difference being that “Manage Activity” will facilitate this maintenance. Before, each publication should be archived or deleted individually, scrolling infinitely through the profile page itself; the new tool will make the process more intuitive, listing your activity with filters and allowing multiple exclusions or archiving.

When archiving publications, photos or videos, the user places the content in an environment where only he will have access. When you delete them, the publications will be sent to a “dump” where they will remain for 30 days and, later, they will be removed from the social network.

This tool becomes a great ally in times of great changes in personal life, such as entering a new company or ending a relationship.

It is worth remembering that the maintenance tool ensures that publications will not be visible to the community; however, the data is preserved on Facebook’s servers. As well as navigation data; building your profile on the platform is important for the company – even if it means discussions about privacy.

The tool was first added to the Facebook app for Android and iOS; its introduction to the web version and Facebook Lite will be made soon.


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