Facebook Maintains Trump Suspension On Social Media


Facebook: Former U.S. President Donald Trump will not be able to return to Facebook or Instagram, and his suspension will remain in effect, at least for now. This is the decision of the Supervisory Board of the social network, announced this Wednesday morning (5).

The committee considered, however, that the way Facebook used to enact Trump’s suspension indefinitely contravened the company’s own rules. The measure should be reviewed in the next six months to “determine and justify a proportional response that is consistent with the rules that are applied to other users of the platform”.

While a future review may open the door to social media for a possible return from the former president, Facebook’s vice president of Global Affairs and Communications, Nick Clegg, said in a statement that the company would abide by the board’s decision and establish a political position. regarding indefinite prohibitions.

What should Facebook’s stance on Trump be?

This means that the final word is that of Facebook, which should officially define whether Trump returns to the site, is suspended for a certain period or even blocked forever. The current suspension was decided by the company on January 7, 2021, the day after the invasion of the US Congress by followers of the former president.

Created in 2018, the Supervisory Board is financed by donations from Facebook, but it constitutes a deliberative instance totally independent from the company. Its staff is composed of neutral experts from different countries and backgrounds. The committee’s role is to act as a true international appeals court in cases of moderation.

While leaving the final decision to Facebook, the Supervisory Board clearly stated: “If a head of state or senior government official has repeatedly posted messages that pose a risk of harm under international human rights standards, Facebook it must suspend the account for a sufficient period to protect against imminent damage ”.


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