Facebook Loses Virtual Reality Ad Partner On Oculus


Facebook: Less than a week after the start of testing for virtual reality ad serving, Resolution Games, Facebook’s first partner in the approach within the Oculus platform, decided to “skip out” of the deal. Also, apparently, players were furious with the measure.

On Blaston’s official Twitter profile, the game in which the novelty would be implemented, those responsible for the title suggested that the move was necessary. The reason? The team received unrewarding feedback.

“We realized that Blaston is not the best option for this type of advertising, therefore, implementing it is no longer part of our plans”, they highlighted in a post last Monday (21).

Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO of the developer, had already hinted that things weren’t going well. “We’ve noticed the negative reviews and while no one likes to see one of their games in that perspective, these responses are bigger than Blaston and something the industry has seen for years,” he said, via email, after noticing a increasing fall in valuations.

“At Resolution Games, any integration we do takes into account players and their experience. All of this valuable information will be carefully analyzed,” he added.


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