Facebook launches page to ask for or offer help during pandemic


This Tuesday (31) Facebook presented a new section in the social network application to help connect people during the new coronavirus pandemic. The Community Help section has a very specific objective: to bring together users who are geographically close and need or are willing to offer help in times of recommended social isolation.

The platform is a kind of message board mixed with the product advertising sector. The difference is that the publications are by people in need, who are part of a risk group and ask someone to go to the market for them, for example, or volunteers, from young people to companies willing to donate safety equipment, such as masks.

Those who are willing to help can comment on the publications or send a direct message to the user who is in need. It is possible to check the selected “radius” in the right corner of the screen, which only shows publications at a maximum distance to avoid large displacements and in fact contribute to the local community.

The donation resource, which is common on Facebook in countries like the United States, has also been linked to the platform and joins requests from entities such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

For now, Community Help works only in some regions: the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Canada, but Facebook has promised to take the service to more markets “in the coming weeks”. In Brazil, the page is still marked as unavailable.


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