Facebook Launches New Tools For Group Administrators


Facebook announced this Wednesday (16) new tools for moderating communities on the social network. In addition to a customizable homepage for administrators, the update also features the option to leave part of the automated comment and post moderation, disallowing specific links and even restricting the number of comments for each user.

We don’t have a specific release date for these tools yet, but they should all be out globally in the coming weeks. Check out the news below.

Make your life as an administrator easier and make your group “healthier”

The social network seeks to make group moderation more intuitive and agile by introducing a new system called “conflict alert”. The new feature, which works through Machine Learning, will send notifications to moderators when toxic discussions occur in a post. But don’t worry: in addition to the feature being an option, the administrator will also be able to slow down conversations by imposing a maximum limit on comments within a predefined time interval, in case they feel overwhelmed.

Also seeking to facilitate group moderation, you can restrict people able to comment on posts by various criteria, such as account time or history of violation of Facebook terms. The brave moderator can also filter promotional content, banning certain links and even giving feedback to the author, who can edit the content later. Some comments can also be proactively avoided, removing the need for “posthumous” deletion. All this moderation will be possible through the new Moderator Assistant which will be customizable.

Now the social network will offer a summary page of each member to the administrator, so he can follow violations and comments in an intuitive way. If someone commits a violation of Facebook’s terms, administrators can appeal for another review to be done.

Certain novelties are so obvious that it makes us question their inexistence until then. You can tag group rules on the main page and in posts for easy access; certain members may highlight violated rules when reporting a comment. Admins will also be able to pin comments to posts. Finally, certain posts, such as polls and events, may be banned from the group and community chat directly through the Facebook app is making a comeback, so you no longer need to open Messenger to do this.


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