Facebook Launches New Smart Displays Portal Go and Portal+


Facebook confirmed last Tuesday (21) the launch of two new smart displays from the company. The models are the new Portal+, which is an update to the most powerful model in the line, and Portal Go, which is the first portable version of the device.

The duo’s highlight is the addition of Portal Go, which allows you to make video calls while you walk around the house. In addition to this portability, guaranteed by a strap on the back of the device, it has a long-lasting battery and a 12 MP ultrawide camera. If you prefer, Portal Go can be used just as a speaker to play music.

Portal+, on the other hand, is a model with a 14″ screen, focused on making corporate video calls for multitasking people, but also suitable for making casual calls. It also includes a 12 MP camera with a wide field of view, in addition to high- High fidelity sound speaker.

Another new feature of Facebook is the addition of Microsoft Teams to the Portal line, with activities expected to start in December, and a feature called Portal for Business, which allows the management of corporate accounts and a personalized format for calls for work environments. This feature is still in Beta phase, with no forecast to come out in a stable version.


Portal Go will sell for US$199 (approximately R$1 thousand in direct currency conversion), while the Portal+ version sells for US$349 (approximately R$1,800). Pre-sales for both are already released on the product’s official website and shipments begin on October 19th. For now, marketing is restricted to a few regions, including the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


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