Facebook Launches Free Technology Courses for Brazilian Youth


Facebook, in partnership with the NGO Recode, opened this Monday (09) registration for the free courses offered by the “Conectando seu Futuro” program, aimed at young people aged 15 and over in vulnerable situations.

Since 2019, when it was launched, the initiative has served more than 30,000 young people. The main novelty in this year’s edition is the game development course, which will be offered in a basic or intermediate module. In training, students will be able to follow parts of the process of creating electronic games.

In total, 12 different training courses are offered, with contents that address technological, socio-emotional and digital skills for young people with affinity with the digital world or who do not yet have great knowledge in technology. All courses are free, conducted online and grant a certificate to graduates.

Applications can be made on the Recode website.

digital deletion

Despite the growing use of the internet in Brazil, the TIC Kids Brazil 2019 survey shows that 6.5 million children and adolescents aged 9 to 17 years lived in homes without a connection or with limited conditions for internet access, with download speeds below 4 Mbps.

The survey on the use of the Internet by children and adolescents, carried out by the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (CGI.br), also reveals that 15.5 million Brazilians in this age group did not have computers at home. In classes D and E, 73% of people between 9 and 17 years old declared using their cell phone exclusively to access the network.

“Connecting your future”

The “Connecting your Future” program has already benefited more than 30,000 people, according to those responsible for the project. In the last cycle of the program, more than 10,000 young people completed the training, available to residents of all regions of the country.

Among the beneficiaries of the program is the 16-year-old student Juliana Cidade, winner of the Recoders Challenge. The young woman developed a platform to support shopkeepers, farmers, workers and residents of the city of Guararema, in the interior of São Paulo, during the health crisis. The award encouraged young people to think about technological solutions to face the covid-19 pandemic in their communities.


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