Facebook launches free game streaming platform


In its debut in streaming games, Facebook launched its gaming platform with a limited but free catalog for everyone. Without committing to providing very high transmission qualities – 4K, 60 frames and very low latencies – the social network attaches the experience to the standard app and starts with “undemanding” titles.

It is one of the company’s first steps in this market still under construction. Following different directions from the competition – such as Amazon Luna, Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud -, Facebook seeks to create a completely free experience that does not require the purchase of any specific hardware to take advantage of. Open the app, choose the game and enjoy.

Jason Rubin, vice president of games at Facebook, says the brand will bring games completely free, but “are adding games that are tolerant to high latencies, at least in the beginning.” Furthermore, he adds that the platform does not promise to deliver high quality transmission, with 4K resolution, 60 frames per second, at a cost of US $ 6.99 per month, nor does it offer special hardware; just the simple experience of enjoying a game.

For him, adopting these games opens the catalog of experiences that Facebook can provide. The social network became known for leveraging Flash games and soon after replacing it with HTML5, but these titles boil down to simple, smaller experiences that appeal to social interactions between contacts on Facebook.

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