Facebook Launches Clubhouse Rival for Live Podcasts and Audio


Facebook officially started on Monday (21) the implementation of Live Audio Rooms, chat rooms only for audio within the social network. The platform is a version of the house for the Clubhouse and Espaços, also already launched by Twitter.

According to Facebook, the idea is to “discover, listen to and participate in live conversations with public figures, experts and others about topics in which you are interested”. Up to 50 people can be freed to speak in each room, a power that is up to the host to select, and the number of listeners is unlimited.

Live rooms will appear not only in a dedicated space in the app, but also in the news feed, in case any of your contacts are involved. Participants can interact with reactions from the social network or “raise their hand” to request the power of speech.

In addition to leisure and learning, one of the goals designed for the rooms is to serve as an explanation for donation events, such as non-profit projects or raising funds for some purpose. In addition, it is possible to send small payments in the form of Stars to be considered a “first row” listener, being more easily noticed by the participants.

The feature has only been released for iOS and in the US so far. Also, for now, only “public figures and selected Facebook groups” can create rooms, but any user can join and join. The expansion of roles to more people is expected in the coming weeks, including the arrival of new roles.


Another addition in terms of audio that was expected by the community is the arrival of the first podcasts on the platform. A selected curatorship is now available to be streamed directly from the social network, for now also limited to some content creators and US users only.

Podcasts are played in a “miniplayer” or full screen, and can run even with the cell phone screen turned off. You can even react and comment on each episode on a community page. For the next few months, the social network promised features such as real-time subtitles and the ability to make “cuts” for sharing.

At least for now, there is no forecast for expansion of both features to other countries.


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