Facebook Is Removing Groups Dedicated To Causing Social Harm


Facebook is being hit more aggressively to quell the activity of real user groups that act in a coordinated way to promote harmful activities on the social network. The strategy used is the same adopted against campaigns that use fake profiles to promote content that violates the platform’s policies.

The new tactic is intended to mass remove networks that operate from authentic accounts to manipulate public debate or to carry out cyber espionage for the purpose of carrying out scams. The platform created a protocol to identify coordinated publications to reduce the reach of content and even disable profiles, pages and groups.

Among the harmful activities identified by Facebook are attacks where many users falsely report content or an account as inappropriate in order to eliminate a social network profile, or online harassment through mass comments.

Restrictions on violent political group

Facebook’s new policy could have important repercussions on how the platform deals with political movements and other groups that constantly violate its rules, at a time when the social network’s approach to abusive content is in the spotlight of government authorities and organizations from the civil society throughout the world.

Big Tech recently removed or restricted content from a network of Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to the Querdenken movement in Germany. The group is linked to off-platform violence against journalists, police and doctors, as well as the dissemination of false health information.

According to the company, people linked to the extremist group were using authentic and fake accounts to amplify content that sought to promote the false information that the restrictions to reduce the spread of covid-19 were a German government conspiracy to take away basic rights and citizens’ freedoms.


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