Facebook is crying! iOS 14 starts showing app tracking


In the last few weeks, we have seen the fight between Facebook and Apple unfold here, criticizing Apple’s stance towards offering personalized ads, thanks to the implementation of the tracking blocking system within iOS 14, thus giving more control than apps will see and thus increase privacy.

Initially, this change was planned for delivery at the beginning of next year, partly in order to allow time for developers to implement in their apps the possibility to choose whether or not to share the data, something that at least apparently started to happen.

According to the folks at MacRumors, one of the apps that has already implemented the novelty in question was that of the NBA, thus displaying the notification asking if “Allows you to track your activities on apps from other companies and websites”, and it is further explained that “the data will be used to provide a better and more personalized ad experience. ”

The options given to users are basically to allow or to “respond to the app not to track”, at least for the time being the display of an intermediate option as access only during use or something like that.

An interesting point to mention when it comes to the display in question is that according to the website, the novelty in question is not being shown only in iOS 14.4 Beta but also in older versions of the system, which possibly includes stable distributions.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, blocking access to information ends up hurting the collection of these apps, considering that they will no longer be able to personalize the display of the ads, thus reducing the chances of click and purchase, vital to raise money for the platforms.

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