Facebook, “Is Censorship Coming?”


Facebook announced that, as of October 1, it will update its Terms of Service and can remove users’ content to avoid negative legal action.

Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, will make a significant change in the Terms of Service text as of October 1. According to Facebook’s new Terms of Service text, which you can access by clicking here, the platform will be able to remove users’ content when deemed necessary.

‘3 of Facebook’s new Terms of Service text, which will take effect as of October 1. Under the heading “Commitments you made to Facebook and our community”, “2. In the statement under the subtitle “What you can share on Facebook and what you can do”, Facebook includes the following statements:

Facebook: Terms of Service Section 3.2 will be updated starting October 1st
“We can remove or restrict access to your content, services or information if deemed necessary to avoid or reduce negative legal processes and regulatory sanctions against Facebook.”

Since Facebook has not yet translated the relevant part of the new Terms of Service text into Turkish, when the relevant page is visited ‘2. The full explanation of the “what you can and can do on Facebook” subtitle is in its original (English) language. Nevertheless, the fact that the text is included in the Turkish Terms of Service is an indication that it has a global validity.

Social media users are divided into two on Facebook’s new Terms of Service text. According to one group, Facebook is paving the way for an online censorship campaign ahead of the upcoming US presidential election with the article in question.

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Another group approaching the issue more optimistically stated that Facebook has strengthened its hand against fake and fake news with the said article change and that there will be less fake news on the platform.


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