Facebook and Instagram Reduce Image Quality in Europe


Facebook and Instagram have decided to reduce video quality in Europe as part of the fight against coronavirus. YouTube had taken this step before, as people spent more time in their homes.

After emerging in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), which has spread around the world and has killed 13,714 people so far, continues to decide to reduce the image quality in its videos.

Speaking to Engadget, a Facebook official announced that both Facebook and Instagram will temporarily reduce video bitrates in Europe. In this way, it is stated that bandwidth restrictions will be prevented and people can stay in touch with each other.

This step came from YouTube and Netflix
The decision taken by Facebook and Instagram follows the steps previously taken by online publishing platforms. Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, which are among the platforms that contribute the most to data traffic, have decided to reduce their image quality in Europe as part of the fight against coronavirus.

These decisions are made because people spend more time at home and start using video conversations more as a communication channel. While Netflix and YouTube announced that they will implement this decision for 30 days, it is said that with the step taken, Netflix’s traffic in Europe is expected to decrease by 25 percent. Netflix had a 50 percent increase in traffic after quarantine-induced quarantine processes.

1 this situation is expected to continue throughout the month to assess the Turkey among European countries is expected to be valid. Speaking to The Verge, Netflix spokesperson said, “We have decided to drop bitrates for 30 days across Europe. We estimate that this decision will reduce traffic on European networks by 25 percent. In addition, we will continue to provide high quality service to all our users. ”

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