Facebook Instagram Meta opens the era of NFT!


NFT, which is one of the trading methods that have become widespread in the Internet world in recent years, has recently begun to lose its popularity, but many companies are trying to revive it. Facebook Instagramming Meta allows you to share NFT on Facebook and Instagram! Here are the details…

Facebook Instagramming Meta launches NFT feature for Facebook and Instagram!

In the years when NFT became popular, it was considered a bubble, and it was not given much importance. NFT sales have grown significantly over the past 2 years. There were even people who earned millions of dollars on the NFT projects in question. In addition, many companies have started signing NFT projects using Meta.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram users can now share their NFT projects, Meta has announced. Although this feature, which is currently only available in the US, is expected to be distributed in many countries soon, it has been tested with some users in recent months.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram will allow you to share your NFT projects, as well as link your accounts with your digital wallets. It is claimed that many wallets can be used, such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet.

Facebook Instagramming How to connect a digital wallet to Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook Instagram’s NFT sharing feature, announced by Meta, is not yet available in Turkey. Facebook Instagramming, however, you can link your digital wallet via Facebook or Instagram when it becomes available. To do this, follow these steps:

Instagram Facebook To start, update the application to which you will connect your wallet (Facebook or Instagram).
Download the application of your preferred digital wallet to your phone.
Instagram Facebook login and log in to the “Digital Collection” section in settings.
Click on your preferred wallet and follow the instructions.
Meta indicates that you will be redirected to the app of your preferred wallet and will be asked for the wallet password. After following the instructions, a pop-up notification will appear to receive confirmation for the last time, on this screen you need to first click “Sign” and then “OK” to confirm the connection.


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