Facebook Helps Afghans Hide Personal Data From The Taliban


Facebook:  The resumption of control of Afghanistan by the Taliban fundamentalist organization forced Facebook to act quickly to help protect local people who do not agree with the group’s practices.

The social network received last Thursday (19) a series of new features exclusive to the region with the aim of avoiding the persecution of Afghans by the Taliban.

The first is the ability to “lock” the account and hide various profile details — including friends list, photos and posts in the timeline. The second is a series of guides for activists and journalists who use the social network and are in the region.

This profile blocking step is important so that residents are not “caught” by connections with people from other regions, especially from Western nations — something that can be easily exposed by the social network. The news was confirmed by the company’s head of security policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, and also expanded to Instagram using an intuitive walkthrough.

In recent days, residents of cities like Kabul, recently occupied by the Taliban, have turned off social media as an emergency measure. At the same time, technology companies began to take action against the group: WhatsApp took down a communication channel created by the Taliban, while YouTube and Facebook itself began to ban accounts linked to the group.


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