Facebook Has Been a Monopoly since 2011, Says US Government Complaint


Facebook: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an independent body that is part of the US trade regulatory institutions, has filed a new complaint of anti-competitive market practices against Facebook. The indictment points out that Mark Zuckerberg’s conglomerate has been a monopoly since 2011, when the group began to dominate the country’s social media industry.

The new text is an update of the lawsuit filed in December 2020 against the social network, accusing the company of a monopoly in the digital sector. In June of this year, the allegations were rejected by the judge in charge of the case, who gave the body the chance to present a new text to make the complaint again.

The text is the result of an investigation that has lasted a few years and has at its core the formation of a social media monopoly by Mark Zuckerberg, who acquired companies such as Instagram and WhatsApp. The argument is that Facebook has prevented the growth of rivals by buying big players in the communications market and concentrating power “individually and collectively”.

What can happen?

Facebook will have until October to send a response to the court, which will later judge whether the complaint is now upheld or not. At worst, the company could be forced to fragment and separate some of its services.

Facebook’s defense involves a number of factors, such as the FTC itself having released both acquisitions at the time they took place.

The network still criticizes Lina Khan’s appointment as current head of the division — the law professor is a famous critic of the platform and “would have already made a decision” to blame her even before further debate.


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