Facebook got angry with Netflix topic “Social Dilemma”


The documentary Social Dilemma, recently released by Netflix, became the subject of the agenda. The points mentioned in the documentary touch upon the problems of social media as the name suggests. The Netflix Social Dilemma documentary has been criticized by Facebook.

Facebook wants to refute Netflix’s Social Dilemma documentary

In the documentary published on the popular platform, it is emphasized that social media platforms mostly address their negative aspects and have increased their negative impact on society as they have increased their popularity for years. Because of this emphasis, Facebook Netflix, one of the giants of social media, got angry at this point. Facebook has released an official article for Netflix to refute the claims made in this documentary.

The documentary was talked about by critics and viewers, as it touched on social media related problems. Facebook made a move for this documentary, with thousands of comments, both positive and negative. Among the topics covered in the documentary, while dealing with the realities of our lives, it is said that this approach also frightens and exaggerates people.

Why did Facebook post an article to refute the problems in the documentary? Because some viewers closed their Facebook and Instagram accounts after watching the documentary. This situation was not welcomed by Facebook, causing the article to be written and shared.

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Facebook makes some points in its article:

First of all, the first point raised in the movie was social media addiction, in response Facebook says they prioritize meaningful social interaction. This seems like an indirect answer.

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The second point that emerged was undoubtedly that humans are a “product”. Facebook says users do not sell their personal information and that will not happen either.

The third point was about algorithms. This point is said to be exaggerated. The topic that is more sensationalized is one of the topics that Facebook criticizes and responds to. The critical language of the documentary is said to be exaggerated and aggressive throughout the article, which is classified under 7 titles in total.

If you want to reach the full article about the Netflix Social Dilemma documentary, we can get here.


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