Facebook Gone New in Messenger’s Appearance


Facebook announced in a blog post published today that they have renewed the appearance of messaging application Messenger. Messenger, whose logo combines with the colors of Instagram, has gained new themes and a more vibrant look.

About two weeks ago, Facebook introduced an important stage in the process of combining WhatsApp and Instagram chats on Messenger. The company had combined Instagram messages with Messenger messages. The feature, which is limited to a few countries for now, would be released for all users in the coming time.

While all this was happening, Facebook wanted to add a new look to its Messenger application this time. The company introduced the new look of Messenger in a blog post shared today. Messenger got more vibrant colors and different themes with the new update.

Messenger’s new look:

The new look Facebook brought to Messenger brought a new logo to the app that takes the colors of Instagram, a new standard chat color, new chat themes and customized reactions. However, in the blog post, he announced that selfie stickers and ‘vanish mode’, which will allow the messages to be deleted when you leave the chat or when the messages are seen, will come to the application.

The Messenger application, which Facebook continues to bring new features, has gained many new features in the past weeks. Going beyond just being a messaging app, Messenger has become a platform where you and your friends can even watch movies at the same time.

Messenger president Stan Chudnovsky said in a post he shared today that the app is the place of conversations on the Portal, and that Oculus support will be brought in soon. In addition, Messenger will be a place where third-party augmented reality effects will be supported starting next year.

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